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Building a world with fewer tensions for you and children with children.

Easy - let them learn to improve their working efficiency through self-assessment and verification.
This Article deals with proven scientific methods to build confidence in self, a child, adolescent, are even in an adult. They are simple practicable and yield observable improvements in a short span of time. Just try them and reap the benefits. In case you need further clarification the help is just a phone call /email away.

Learn how to manage tensions. You can pave the way your self for a better tomorrow.

We should understand individual, education, employment, job satisfaction, peace, prosperity and environment as an integral unit. After 40 years of experimentation with children, adolescents, and adults I can say with confidence the methods are simple, natural and easy to implement. Through right education it is possible to make an individual understand his role as a part and parcel of the integral unit and unbalance at any level will lead to unsatisfactory living conditions and unrest in society.
Our behavior depends the way our brain works. Training helps us make it work the way we like it.

Let us understand some words used, properly with the help of dictionary. Here I would emphasize the fact that it is only words that are having meanings without ambiguity.

 Not resorting to dictionary meanings may lead to different interpretations of the sentences and I want to avoid the same-First step to Right Education.

Remember that language is to make others understand you without ambiguity other wise communication gap exists and the purpose of expressing yourself is lost!
Dictionary meaning.
Just claim, Identical with what is true
Make a projection with a purpose.
Do what you like if others do it to you.
Responsibility, a trust or charge for which one is responsible
To assert or proof to be true.
Training or brining up.
That which engages or occupies
Any definite piece of work
The state of being satisfied.
Freedom from disturbance
The state of success, good fortune.
Whole or complete
One or a single thing
To grasp with mind, to comprehend.
The state in which things exist.
To through off harmony among the parts of any thing.
Fond of other company.
To give or take.
To be concerned.
Can you imagine about a happy life with out sharing caring, and recognition - think a while.2nd step of Right education.

Understanding freedom in its true sense is another step of Right Education.

Freedom means, not doing what you like but doing those things what you like if others do to you. We do not like two people fighting on street because both of them find fault with the other. At the same time we enjoy seeing fight between two boxers by paying an entry fee. Here in lies the meaning of freedom.

In this article we discuss the methods to make children understand about right, freedom, planning, accountability, verification, caring and sharing to lead a peaceful life with the knowledge acquired through education, an ability to verify - is all what we expect of Right Education.

Understanding ones rights and responsibilities is another step to Right Education:

One should learn how to use his rights as per law. If any one over looks our right we can get them punished with the help of law. One should be prepared to accept his mistakes committed knowingly or otherwise and be prepared to pay a penalty. Try not to commit the same mistake knowingly. If we use our freedom and right properly we will not face undue difficulties and unbearable tensions in getting our freedom and rights sooner or later. Freedom and right are interdependent and we should not loose track of one another. Quite often inability to understand them together is the cause of many tensions.

Ability to verify one's own work is another step of Right Education.
Verification is the ability to check one's own work and results with an open mind. This ability builds confidence in one's own work and enables one to rectify the faults in his working methods himself.

We will be saved of lot of mental tension, which are due to unknown results. As we know the results for sure we can take up and execute new works with confidence and concentration.

The best way to do any work is to carry it out slowly and steadily, by verifying the results at every stage and do it correctly.

Accountability is another step to Right Education:

Is the ability to do the work with proper planning, freedom and verification with in one's rights, and doing it such a way that one can explain his stand and be prepared to accept the responsibility for actions. Incase a mistake is committed be prepared to accept the penalty. One should not commit the same mistake knowingly.

Planing is another step of Right Education:

For planing we need information about, what to do, when to do and how to do.

List of works to be done by children:

1.Go to sleep at right time and sleep well. 2.After waking up take care of your bed 3. brushing teeth properly. 4. Take bath 5. Comb hair, 6. Dress up properly. 7. Take breakfasts comfortably, 8.Verify the items to be taken to school, 9. Pay attention to lessons in school, 10. During break take food comfortably, 11 Rest a while, 12.Attend classes and pay attention to lessons (games are supposed to be part of lessons) 13. After school hours play and relax 14. Help mother and father in their work to understand about life and how to mange it, 15. Doing homework, 16. Collect all necessary things to be taken to school next day.16. Seeing TV programs of interest and viewing them, 17. Taking dinner comfortably and 18. To think about working methods of, yesterday, today and to plan for betterment of them for tomorrow.19.Spend at least 15 minutes with parents and take their guidance and learn about life. Get as many doubts as possible clarified.

Make the child understand the list of the activities and help it, in planning its activities.

One should be given the freedom and right to plan his activities as per his perceptions after consulting others that are related to the works to be done. And should have freedom to change them in consultation with others.

Normally every one strives to stick to his perceptions and endeavors to his best to produce the results. Purpose commitment and challenge are the keys. One more step of Right Education.

Parents should understand that they have to trust the ability of the children to understand and find suitable solutions for tension management. At times the solutions purposed by children will be really surprising, simple and practicable.  Parents should make children understand the problems of family, as they are part and parcel of family life. Allow them to share and care with other elder members of the family the responsibilities and their concerns.

Children do like to take part in family discussions and like to share the burden of the family to get recognized. They want to derive the pleasure of being part and parcel of thee family, through sharing caring and thus get recognized (three main activities of the brain to derive happiness). Don't deprive them of this experience. Many children become unconcerned of their parents when parents are old mainly because they are deprived of this experience during their child hood.

To become a responsible citizen and to lead a happy life with satisfying job the child should learn as it grows, about the problems, how to handle them, and finding satisfying solutions. Who can teach them to children better than the parents? This knowledge builds self-confidence, and ability to plan about its future.

The children should have a clear understanding about the income and expenditure of the family (Purpose of language of mathematics is to enable one to take care of his own welfare). Another setp of Right Education.

This knowledge helps them in planing their expenditure with responsibility. They will not resort to false prestige and force the parents to make useless expenditure. This habit will help the child to budget its expenditure, planing the priorities, and leading a peaceful life.

To inculcate above habit I am giving a proven method, tried by me on my children and others.

Sit with child and decide the amount the family can spend on it during the year. The amount should include all expenses like education, pocket money, clothing, entertainment and all other foreseeable expenditure in a year. Allow them to handle their money themselves. Of course mummy, papa or best the bank will hold the money and the child draws it as per its requirements and records them in a book of personal account. This method helps the child think about the necessity of expenditure sooner or later, and spend the money with a purpose. While following above method in case of any unexpected expenditure to be incurred by the child on itself or to meet any social obligation, the parents should the child understand that the money is above budget, and yet it can avail it for meeting its obligations as a loan. Parents should make it a point to collect it back as soon as possible. In case parents think that this money should be compensated they can do so by allowing the child earn it by rendering extra helping hand to father or mother etc. This will make children spendthrifts and they can use this knowledge in cases of emergencies at a later part of their life when they lead their personal lives. At least all the children with whom I experimented, had bank savings may be small with in a couple of years. The biggest advantage is that child understand that mathematics is for taking care of its own welfare and learns mathematics with proper zeal.

All of us and definitely the children should know the importance of education in making us lead a satisfying, happy life to the extent possible. In case the education fails to give us this ability what is the use of attending to schools and colleges for over 15 to 20 years?

Now and then it may so happen that the family is having problems and children want to know about them. Normally the parents hide such problems by trying to divert the attention of the child to education and try to convince it, it is no way concerned with them and make it concentrate on its education. Observed facts prove that it is a wrong approach. This approach will either make the child irresponsible or develop an attitude not to concern about others problems why not even if they are closely related or parents. Just think- it is impossible to lead a happy life without sharing and caring. Are parents inadvertently sowing the seeds of unhappiness and the present unrest in all our lives is the outcome of this overlooked fact - take a moment to think a while.

The children should have a fair idea of verifiable facts about the difficulties that the parents have in bringing them up. This knowledge makes them experience the joy of sharing and caring. Think and behave with responsibility and in all probability prevent them in acting in a way, which may make others feel unhappy and especially the parents. They will feel they responsible to their parents and may not do any thing that hurts their feelings or self-respect.

Accountability of both child and teachers is one more step of Right Education.

The child should be told exactly what is going to be taught in class next day and should be allowed to understand the lesson with the help of dictionary and own efforts. Parents should help in this effort. In case of difficulty it should be able to get its doubts clarified without fear in class from the teachers. In my opinion the ideal condition is that in, which the teacher becomes a guide and gives ample opportunity to child to learn. Child should learn to use language without ambiguity and language of mathematics as a means to manage day-to-day life.

I strongly believe that teachers and parents always think of the welfare of the children. Due to tensions and work responsibilities they are not able to carryout their plans and feel sorry.  
 My observations prove that there is no work is big or small by it self. This knowledge is another step of Right Education.

As an example I would like to take the example of building a big Mansion. No doubt architectural design gives the shape to it. Even a beautifully conceived architectural work will not be the way it has to be if we do not take care of the quality of small things like foundation, sand, cement, water, skills of labour etc. Let us take care of small things and create conditions for acquiring basic abilities for children and they can build their future.

All I said is possible when we educate or shall I say give Right Education to our children.

All parents and teachers should spare at least 15 minuets of their time every day and address and clarify the doubts related to living conditions and problems related to life and clarify them on daily basis.

A long list is it not? Not at all when we leave it to children to manage them selves!

Remember that Happiness is the outcome of Sharing, Caring and recognition.

Most difficult thing in life is doing simple (small) things.
All big things are nothing but some total of all small things put together.
Learn to split the task at hand into small consistent workable units.
Methods are applicable to all aspects of life, even to understand written text or spoken language as well, properly.
Take care of simple (small) things, and the end results are surprisingly admirable.
"We will reap what we sow. We are responsible for what we are to a large extent."

You are welcome, to contribute your ideas, ask for help, or sharing your experiences with others, help mange their life and or to participate in this noble cause?

You too can participate help build a peaceful world by promoting total personality development of individuals.!!! Why not participate in this noble cause?
Yes I like to join in this noble cause.