The ?Author acknowledges his sincere gratitude to his wife E Ms. Saraswathi who persistently refused to accept his methods of bringing up children. And in fact helped the author conduct his experiments in as natural conditions as they exist in all families.

I like to thank my children who were able to distinguish what is good for them and what is not, in-spite of their intense Jattachment to their mother and their Kdisliking thefather when ever there is a dispute, about the methods in bringing up the children.

I thank my niece D.Arati, one of the adolescent participant in my experiment. And all others (I express my in ability thank every one by name due to shear length of the list of names), adolescent participants, for all the moments of anxiety they gave and found the ways to improve themselves in-spite of all their problems. I specially thank my niece for her help in going through my articles and edit them. She is only 20 years old when she took up this hard task. She proved every thing is possible if you take the task to heart.      

The -Author, M.C.S Rao of Childhood education and other articles (facts are fiction find out yourself) related to improve the lot of young generation, is an Ex-Defence Scientist. The articles are the findings/observation of his project.

His studies cover the behavior of children from birth to post graduate education and adulthood behavior. The findings and subsequent use of the methods helped many children and many adolescents in settling themselves in fields of their liking. The methods evolved can be easily implemented, and in all probability enable the students to live (a fact are fiction all depends on you) in JJJJcontended peaceful societies and more harmonious world.      

The K  Landmark year 1969 and beginning of life long ¥- project:

His experiment started way back in 1969. When he came to a conclusion those parents cannot decide the fate of a grownup girl (women) in Indian society and to that matter in any other society. The reasons to start the experiment and they are given at the end of the page, if you like you may go through to convince yourself about the usefulness and to following them as facts of life or leave them as imagination of fiction.
He came to the conclusion the best thing parents can do is:
K Start doing their best from day one of the baby's birth does not ever say we did our best at the time of marriage (either boy or girl).

Do not differentiate the needs (physical or educational) on sex basis.
Create best possible conditions to enable the children to depend on themselves irrespective of their sex.

If you can help, let girl child feel and understand that it is no way inferior and in some ways better than the (boys) brothers.

Make them understand they will be responsible for their lives and only parents can guide them or can support them to an extent only.   They have to work for creating living conditions of their liking.

Make them understand the value of money at a young age, and allow them handle their own finances.

ACThe methods are implemented and found do yield good results in Monolisa English medium school - Khurda- Orissa - India, by Principal Ms. Kabita Ray. She is also the founder and editor of Narishakti monthly magazine in Oriya.

The author M C S Rao has conducted extensive experiments over a period of 30 years (and still wants to continue with your participation if you like) on effects of training (4right education), benefits, and achievements covering:

> child behavior from birth to high school education
> Graduation
> to post graduation level
> Adult behavior after they become earning members.

Why the author wants others to Uknow about his findings?

The observations are spread over a period of 42 years (or shall we say life long experiments). He wants to use his knowledge not to die with him and wants to benefit as many as possible through series of his articles.

The results he has obtained prove, beyond doubt:

Controlled E parental care (the way child is allowed to take care of it self under parental supervision),

And early childhood education (in as natural way as possible), to high school level,
Plays a major role in what child can achieve in later part of its life.

The children under experiment proved beyond doubt they can become what they want to become, as they worked to achieve an Aim what they set themselves by the time they came to 10th standard.

No doubt one child (boy) failed in 7th standard due to over enthusiasm in: computer-applications, yet made it up by 12th standard and did become a distinguished hardware engineer through non-conventional education routes. The child who failed in 7th standard is now 25 years old and became managing director of an electronic company when he was just 22 years old. Other two (girls) became postgraduate engineers with gold medals that are what children can do if they are guided and allowed to learn in natural way.
The methods adopted are simple, natural and can be followed by any parents and educational institutes. If you like to use them for the benefit of your children society or State the author is willing to email his article on early childhood education and guide those who are interested in right education for their youngsters.

$Reasons for starting the life long ¥-project, to experiment with my children:

The author failed to understand during his young age i.e. when he is around 12-15 years old and still fails to understand (now he is 57 years old) how bride's parents expect blackmailers to be benefactors when conditions are in favor of blackmailers. At least in India  (majority of them), bride's parents yield to demands of bridegroom and their parents, after all at least in India it is a commercial deal before marriage. How can you expect any one (there are some exceptions always) to stop milking a cow with no other alternative than give milk, it is immaterial, it's own or borrowed, just for asking, in the false hope of safety to its grown up calf which lives some where else. Those who want to have a possible and practical solutions can contact the author.

The basic arguments the author had before starting the experiments are:

Parents are just looking into biological needs and physical comforts as the outcome of a married life of a girl.

They are helpless victims of social customs irrespective of their financial status.
Somehow the author refused to accept the logic of the parents  "we did our best we could do, spent as much as we can to the extent of bankruptcy. Found (shall we say purchased, as lot of money is spent on pomp and luxurious marriage gifts or dowry), my daughter the best possible husband. Bad luck it is her fate and she is having unsatisfactory living conditions". It appeared to him that all parents are doing is to collect water to put the fire down in the event of fire and doing nothing to prevent it, by their argument we did our best.

 Most probably doing our best should start to prevent the possibilities of fire, which is from day one of the baby's birth of the baby,

The life long project and experiments started to find the fiction and facts involved in above arguments.     

By nature a mother is more attached to her children by virtue of her carrying them in her womb for 9 and odd months, the children are hard earnings of her great efforts. No one likes to see his hard earnings get wasted. In India and other similar societies father's name is an essential identification for a person. Mother is worried that her children loose this identity and do want to keep it at any cost, even it makes her live in most unsatisfactory, and unhappy living conditions. What parents should do is give the ability to the child, to handle the situation itself and parents should realize it is impossible to handle a situation where they are physically not present.   

4? The starting and out comes of the project which is still in (progress to benefit others:

The author tried to convince his relatives to experiment with his ideas. None of them agreed to risk the future of their children and some kept away their children form the fantasy thoughts of the author (now after 30 years they want his advise for benefit of their sons, daughters, grand sons and daughters).

Other topics covered are:

Childhood education, Child and Scientist, Need of no ambiguity aspect of Languages, Language of Mathematics, Understanding Freedom, Medium of language, Accountability, Secrets of Successful personalities. Scientific way to manage happiness, Anger & Terrorism, Difference in religious thoughts of East & West, Philosophy (Know who are You and what is that you want?), Methods to develop balanced personalities, Peace and prosperity. Job-satisfaction, Purpose of Right Education.  World Peace, Early childhood education, primary education, secondary education and High-school education. Purpose of right computer education, Effects of Industrial revolution, Employment through saleable skills, Skill-times, Parental responsibilities.  Mathematics in day to day life, Difference between learning and teaching, Sharing and caring. Economy, Money and its purpose, What is wrong with educational methods of India and other developing or underdeveloped economies, Managing National Economies through skill-times, Teacher Guides, Nature, Environment, Evolution and Education,Educational Routes followed by America and Japan, Even failures can be first class students, etc.

Active Participants who are helping in training children in Right Education methods:

Dr. R.N.Ray, State Coordinator National Children Congress - Orissa
Ms. Kabita Ray Principal Monolisa English-medium school Khurda

Participants in the Childhood Experiment and present supporters:

 Mr. M. Amar Sreenu - Presently working as Managing Director of Jaico Electronics P. Ltd.

 Ms. Chandrika Mulakala - Presently carrying on her Research in Bio-Technology in USA.

 Ms. D. Arati - presently carrying out her studies in Fashion Designing.

 Mr. Dilip Behara -presently working as office assistant Jaico Electronics P. Ltd.

Human behavior and his happiness depends on the way brain works - Assumption - Perception - Verification - Dreaming - a state between dream and reality- and reality- Learning is the tool for Happiness and prosperity. Happiness is the out come of sharing caring and recognition.

You are welcome, to contribute your ideas, ask for help, or sharing your experiences with others, help mange their life and or to participate in this noble cause?

You too can participate help build a peaceful world by promoting total personality development of individuals.!!! Why not participate in this noble cause?

The author of these articles Mr. M.C.S. Rao is an Ex-defence scientist. His article series facts are fiction are the life experiences and experimental out come of his life long project to find prosperous, peaceful happy life to all since 1969. He strongly believes that a peaceful world is within reach of our children if like-minded people act now.

Yes I like to join in this noble cause.