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Remember that Happiness is the outcome of Sharing, Caring and recognition..

The promoter of the site www.righteducation.org,Mr. M.C.S. Rao is an Ex-defence scientist. His article series facts are fiction are the life experiences and experimental out come of his life long project to find prosperous, peaceful happy life to all since 1969. He strongly believes that a peaceful world is within reach of our children if like-minded people act now.

Human behavior and his happiness depends on the way brain works - Assumption - Perception - Verification - Dreaming - a state between dream and reality- and reality- Learning is the tool for Happiness and prosperity. Happiness is the out come of sharing caring and recognition.

4'Learning about how to live with, dignity, peace, and harmony, with self & nature. Understanding human behavior (understanding self), life and nature is all about Right Education.

"We will reap what we sow. We are responsible for what we are to a large extent."

ÀTo know why life long project started, read Acknowledgements and K landmark year 1969:

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Remember that Happiness is the outcome of Sharing, Caring and recognition..

Remember that language is to make others understand you without ambiguity other wise communication gap exists and the purpose of expressing yourself is lost!

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